we are the hrvstrs!

A team of two graphic designers from Europe.

Growing ideas and having a good harvest season means having the right tools, great timing, the right know-how and the best people for the job. We provide our customers with top quality design, translating their feedback into inspiration.

With our ever-improving problem solving and communication skills we develop thoughtful and beautifully designed solutions that repeatedly set the bar higher, our work essentially becoming our living and breathing portfolio.

We are interdisciplinary designers full of enthusiasm and with impeccable taste; our ambition is to consistently come up with one-of-a-kind design solutions made available at an attainable price without compromising quality.

this is what we do.

We’re tirelessly striving to communicate clearly with our clients in order to reach their objectives and to find the perfect balance between functionality and beautiful aesthetics.

Our design competence includes areas such as branding, interface design, web design and even light coding. If you are interested in a brand new logo, business card, a set of icons or you just want to change the colors of your website links, we might be exactly who you are looking for.


Design project inspired by a Romanian mountain city and important tourist destination.

A project with four flat style icons depicting four fruits. The color scheme chosen illustrates the point that the established idealistic image of healthy fruits found in supermarkets is not necessarily true or consistent with real natural fruits.


Set of long shadow flat icons.


Logo design project for an american style bistro located in Chicago, Illinois.

Various logo proposals that follow minimal design principles, clean typography and badge-like shapes.


Logo design concept for a textile design studio featuring on overall vintage-inspired style that feels modern and fashionable.

UI concept for Vodafone Romania's application on Android, using Google Now as inspiration.


Minimalistic logo design for a Swedish online wrist watch retailer.

Series of posters based on daily life objects, using flat colors and sharp lines.


Flat style poster inspired by a a space exploration video game titled ‘Kerbal Space Program’. The game is currently in development with a playable alpha version.

our team.



Though primarily a graphic design aficionado, Adrian's passions extend to a variety of things which include photography, film, technology, retro video games and almost anything that sparks his interest. He is easily approachable, helpful and enthusiastic.



When he is not working on beautiful minimalistic designs, Victor spends his time riding his bike or catching up with technology related news and fresh tunes. His roots in graphic design come from photography. He is also a drafting technician and PR graduate.

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